Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the furniture I’ve purchased a different colour than I see online?

When viewing our products online, many computers have different colour settings, monitors and brightness/contrast settings. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that the colour you see online will match up with the piece perfectly. We try our best to make sure that the colours look as close as possible, but we can’t guarantee a perfect match.

Where can I download instructions and spec sheets for my product?

All instruction sheets, spec sheets and brochures are available as PDFs. They can be found in the Spec Sheets and Instruction tab of each product.

Where can I purchase Craft + Main products?

Current Craft + Main products are available for purchase across Canada at retail home centres, hardware stores and kitchen & bath showrooms. Please use the where to buy page to locate the nearest Craft + Main retailer.

What kind of warranty does my product have?

Different products have different warranty periods. The warranty information is located in the instruction sheet available on each product page.

If you are interested in registering your Craft + Main product warranty, click here.

How do I care and maintain my new Craft + Main granite or engineered vanity top?

Although all of our tops are factory sealed and polished, they do require the right care and maintenance to keep its ‘natural stone’ look and shine. We recommend:

    • Dust frequently.
    • Clean with a stone soap gentle cleanser or mild liquid detergent and warm water then dry thoroughly.
    • Avoid abrasive cleaners or rough cleaning pads.
    • Not using products that contain lemon, vinegar or other acids. Using this type of cleaning aids will cause the finish to dull and remove the sealant.

Why and how often should a granite or engineered stone top be sealed after installation?

We recommend you clean and apply additional sealant before initial use and at least once a year to help prevent stain and liquid penetration.

What liquid spills should be avoided on granite and engineered stone tops?

Any liquid spills such as water, alcohol, medication, cologne, toothpaste, shaving cream, nail polish remover, and perfume should be cleaned up immediately. Some liquids with high-acid content can etch your vanity top if left for any length of time.

My toilet is not flushing properly; it doesn’t “swirl” when flushed.

The first step would be to perform a Fast Pour Water Bucket Test.

Do this by taking a bucket of water and pouring it quickly into the bowl so that it can activate the flush and loosen any obstructions throughout the trap way. If there is no flush after pouring the water, use a plunger to loosen any obstructions in the trap way. Repeat if necessary.

Where and how do I get Craft + Main parts?

To receive a part for your Craft + Main product you will need to contact a customer service representative. We also recommend you have the following information ready:

    • Where was your Craft + Main product purchased?
    • When was it purchased?
    • What is your product model number?
    • When the product was installed?
    • What problem are you having with your Craft + Main product?
    • Product invoice (if possible)

Where would I get troubleshooting assistance for my Craft + Main product after hours?

Check out our video section where we have uploaded a number of instructional videos that can help you with some of your troubleshooting problems. If you require more assistance, please contact a customer service representative.

Where do I find the model number for my Craft + Main product?

The model # or store SKU # for your Craft + Main toilet is located either on the inside rim of the toilet tank or on the right side of the bowl. If you need assistance to determine your model on other Craft + Main products, please contact a customer service representative.

Where do I pick up my parts order once the order process has been confirmed ready to pick up?

Please visit our reception desk in our front office located at 5970 Chedworth Way, Unit B. Pick-up hours are Monday to Friday between 8:30am to 4:30pm.

What information is required when ordering parts for my Craft + Main product?

Part requests are preferably sent online by emailing us at [email protected] We require the model# of your product, purchase date and retail store it was purchased and provide clear precise details of the matter to determine the required part. This information helps to eliminate any errors or delay in processing your part request. In some cases, the receipt and/or pictures will be requested. Please refer to our FAQs on how to find your model, if needed.